To continue the series of regular professional events, AgroCentre has run a seminar for its clients at N.M. Vereshchagin Dairy Farming Academy in Vologda. The company introduced them to today’s most relevant technological solutions for efficient farm management.

Spring field works in Tyumen oblast are just around the corner, so the region is actively gearing up for sowing. Local farmers are purchasing seeds and crop protection agents and renewing their machinery fleets. For this, of great help to them was the trade show Tyumen Agro 2023. Machinery. Technology. Innovation. Science. AgroCentreZakharovo took part in the major regional event presenting cutting-edge solutions for successful agribusiness to the attendees.

At Kurgansemena holding, Kurgan oblast, AgroCentreZakharovo and Horsch’s representatives ran a training seminar for local farmers on 17 March. Such issues of the upcoming season as efficient plant protection and precision sowing practices came under the spotlight at the meeting.

AgroCentre has taken part in TatAgroExpo trade show in Kazan together with its partner SabAgro. The event gathered about ten thousand people who were introduced to cutting-edge machinery and components for agribusiness and effective software solutions. Nikolay Ivanishchev, AgroCentre's Director General, and Aleksey Grigoryev, Executive Director, also joined the trade show.


AgroCentre’s specialists are gearing up for the new agricultural season. In early February, sales representatives of Krasnodar branch visited a modern enterprise Gritan in Stavropol area attending a training seminar on the entire equipment range of the Russian manufacturer.

A client meeting arranged as a seminar on technical novelties has been held at Chelyabinsk dealership centre of AgroCentreZakharovo. This time, the AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 tractor and the FJDynamics autosteering system have been showcased to the local farmers.

From 30 November to 2 December, AgroCentreZakharovo took part in one of the largest events of the Siberian Federal District – the Siberian Agricultural Forum 2022. The venue, Sibir Expocentre, brought together over 210 farming enterprises, suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment for animal husbandry and crop growing.

AgroCentre has added a new product to its portfolio of durable modern machinery – the Russian grain reloading bunker Gritan. Now, the company offers five unique models to its clients from Krasnodar to Krasnoyarsk areas – the BNP-201 (20 m³), BNP-301 (30 m³), BNP-401 (40 m³), BNP-501 (50 m³) and PNP-301 (30 m³). The Gritan PNP-301 grain reloading semi-trailer complies with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 031/2012, which distinguishes the machines from the rest of the brands and allows them to be town on public roads. All the units have the auger discharge rate of 500 t/h.


The 29th YUGAGRO 2022 international agricultural trade show has come to an end in Krasnodar area. This year, the event has brought together over 200 farm machinery manufacturers and suppliers which demonstrated the world’s cutting-edge technologies and novelties to 14,000 attendees.

Novosibirsk has hosted the Siberian Agricultural Week 2022, the largest international trade fair held in Siberia and the Far East. Over 9,000 visitors and 250 farming businesses from 35 regions of Russia as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, France and others took part in the event.

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