Spring field works in Tyumen oblast are just around the corner, so the region is actively gearing up for sowing. Local farmers are purchasing seeds and crop protection agents and renewing their machinery fleets. For this, of great help to them was the trade show Tyumen Agro 2023. Machinery. Technology. Innovation. Science. AgroCentreZakharovo took part in the major regional event presenting cutting-edge solutions for successful agribusiness to the attendees.

The first Chinese AGROAPOLLO tractors hit the domestic market almost a year ago. Today, it is fair to say that these Asian machines do well when operating in Russian fields, which increasingly adds to their popularity.

At the trade show, AgroCentreZakharovo demonstrated a 220 hp AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2204 and an AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 with a Metal-Fach front loader. The latter is designed for loading, unloading and transporting building materials, mineral fertilisers, lime, manure, potatoes and beetroot, as well as for other hauling operations on farms.

‘Metal-Fach machines are a perfect match for AGROAPOLLO tractors. Together, they are capable of handling even the most demanding tasks both on small farms and in large agricultural holdings. The main advantage of the tandem is the best value for money’, points out Pavel Krasyukov, Manager of Tyumen branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

For livestock farmers, the company offers only the best solutions – reliable and high-quality Krone machinery, for instance. The Krone BIG X 580 forage harvester with the Krone EasyCollect 750-2 maize header, the Krone EasyFlow 300S grass haylage pick-up and the Krone Comprima F 125 baler were on show.

AgroCentreZakharovo never ceases to delight farmers with great novelties. The dealer presented a Russian grain reloading bunker Gritan BNP-401 (40 m³) with an auger discharge rate of 500 tonnes per hour.

The machine makes for simplifying the logistics during the harvesting campaign. Thanks to the proper weight distribution, a high level of operating comfort is ensured. The machine drawbar makes up 3% of the total weight against the competitors' 30%.

‘The pivoting axles prevent the bunker from leaving deep traces at U-turns, which eliminates soil over-compaction. Handling wet ground is also a big plus. For example, dump trucks cannot access certain areas of a field, whereas a tractor coupled with a Gritan BNP-401 does not face such a problem’, says Pavel Krasyukov. ‘All machines are certified for use on public roads.’

The cutting-edge and reliable equipment displayed at AgroCentreZakharovo’s booth captured the attention of the trade show visitors. The company's experts were on hand to answer any questions, share innovations in farm machinery, technology and beneficial purchasing programmes.