AgroCentreZakharovo presents Asian novelties & European bestsellers

Novosibirsk has hosted the Siberian Agricultural Week 2022, the largest international trade fair held in Siberia and the Far East. Over 9,000 visitors and 250 farming businesses from 35 regions of Russia as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, France and others took part in the event.

This year has seen extraordinary enthusiasm about the trade fair among local professionals. The realities of modern life, when the industry has undergone a 180-degree turn, show that agricultural producers need real game changers in their fleets. Such new yet reliable tools for effective business were presented at the Siberian Agricultural Week by AgroCentreZakharovo, the leading supplier of farm machinery in Siberia. The company has been operating on the market for over 15 years, providing its clients with world-renowned equipment.

The highlight of AgroCentreZakharovo’s booth was the AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2604 tractor with a 260 hp engine under the bonnet. The machine has hit the Russian market this year and immediately won all hearts thanks to its simple design, economy, powerful engine and digital add-ons that create comfortable conditions for working in the field and on the farm.

‘The AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2604 features the Yuchai Stage III six-cylinder turbodiesel engine with an intercooler and the Bosch Common Rail fuel system. The transmission has 32 forward and 32 reverse gears, and the lifting capacity of the rear linkage reaches 7,800 kg. The open-centre hydraulic system with a gear pump has a flow rate of 80 l/min’, says Anton Bliznyuk, Head of Novosibirsk branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

For even higher production performance, the company's specialists advise farmers to equip AGROAPOLLO tractors with their new FJDynamics navigation system. The software can be installed on any self-propelled machine to perform field works with 2.5 cm accuracy.

At the event, the dealer also showcased the bestseller among precision seed drills – the Horsch Maestro 16SV. The machine is ideal for planting sunflower, maize, soya beans and rapeseed. Its optimal speed in the field is up to 12 km/h, which allows it to sow as many as 250 ha per day.

‘The seed drill is easy to operate and can be coupled with tractors having a capacity of 300 hp and more and a hydraulic fluid consumption of 130 l/min. The machine has two hoppers with a 2,000 litre seed wagon and a 6,000 litre fertiliser wagon. The large working width and high speed of the unit make for increased volumes of work, and the transport width of three metres greatly facilitates transportation. The Horsch line-up also includes a variation of the Maestro SX seed drill with a coulter which operates to good purpose at a speed of up to 15-16 km/h’, continues Anton Bliznyuk.

To fit the needs of livestock farmers, AgroCentreZakharovo offered the reliable KRONE BiG Pack 1270 baler. Thanks to the electronic pressure control in the baling chamber and the Variable Filling System delivering stable bales, this unit has won international recognition as a tool for harvesting straw, hay and other stalked crops. The BiG Pack consistently produces high-quality precut bales – from small ones of a large row to the biggest bales on the market.

‘The Siberian Agricultural Week is a key platform for our company to meet and build business relationships with agricultural producers, demonstrate novelties and share experience with colleagues. This event creates an ideal chance to boost sales of machinery and services through direct negotiations with potential clients from the Siberian and Far Eastern regions’, sums up the head of Novosibirsk branch.