The Agritechnica international dedicated exhibition is a meeting place for all representatives of the global farming business. That's where the main trends in the development of agriculture are mapped out for years to come. For the guests, this is a step into the future, a chance to learn the current trends in farming and pick up info about the latest developments in agricultural engineering. 

The AgroCentre Company arranged for its customers a traditional trip to the JCB loader manufacturing plant in England. Russian farmers saw for themselves the assembly of "the yellow machines." In addition, during the trip the farmers familiarized themselves with foreign farming expertise.

For the first time in Russia, AGCO Machinery held an international presentation of its Challenger farming machines. Over 500 guests were invited to the Tula region for the celebrations. Among them were Challenger dealers and key customers, including AgroCentre.

An exhibition of foreign and domestic farm equipment opened the eleventh Kursk Korenskaya Fair. In this land, famous for its nightingales, the AgroCentreKursk LLC presented, for the first time, highly productive agricultural equipment from the Challenger Company, which is part of AGCO.

TELELINER is a newly developed product from Annaburger, a specialist in the production of this type of equipment for over 50 years. The model is derived from the HTS general purpose spreader. That machine, an acme of functionality and reliability, is well known to farmers the world over.

Starting this year, AgroCentre is an official dealer of the Challenge Company, one of the leaders in the production of self-propelled farming equipment.

Forty dealer companies of the Kverneland industrial group came together at the facility of the AgroCentreLiski Servicing Centre, where a training session was held on how to use Kverneland equipment. Its purpose was to provide practical skills in adjusting seeders.

Under the leadership of Kverneland experts Konstantin Kobzev and Pavel Tretyakov, the engineers enriched their knowledge and honed techniques in operating and adjusting Kverneland systems. Optima and Monopill seeders are used successfully on Russian farms. They are simple and reliable. The Monopill is ideal for dotted seed-out of beets and rapes. The Optima is good for sowing the seeds of maize, sugar beet, sunflower and soya.

Representatives of the Krasnodar division of the AgroCentreLiski Company took part in the Agro-Industrial Forum in the South of Russia. The event combined two exhibitions: Interagromash (international farming equipment) and Agrotekhnologii (farming technologies). 

Over 150 farmers and agricultural specialists from various Central and Southern regions of Russia “welcomed spring” on the Day of Open Doors at a new AgroCentreLiski Servicing Centre (Liskinsky district, Voronezh region). Construction commenced in September 2010, and on 3 March 2011 the Servicing Centre was already “receiving” its first guests.

On 8 February, the Swedish company Vaderstad-Verken AB officially opened a new factory in Russia. Drilling and soil tillage equipment famous for its perfect quality has found its “second homeland” in the Liskinsky district, Voronezh region. 

At present, the Vaderstad production is focused on large pneumatic Rapid AC combi drills and TopDown cultivators. These are the implements most popular with Russian agricultural producers. This summer, the factory will also start manufacturing Rapid mechanical seed drills, Seed Hawk precision seed drills, and Carrier stubble cultivators. In 2012, the production line will be extended with Rapid pneumatic seed drills as well as with new products developed by the Vaderstad Group: Spirit seed drills and the light cost-effective Swift cultivators. In the long-term, the production is going to be expanded to include the full range of Vaderstad agricultural equipment. At present, the daily output of the factory is one Rapid seed drill and two Top Down cultivators. The assembly of each aggregate is performed by 2-3 specialists. The factory currently employs 12 people. At the new enterprise, this number will be increased to 40 workers at least.