AgroCentreLiski, LLC has been in operation since 2004. The company prioritises maximum proximity of servicing to the customer’s farms. Today, AgroCentreLiski has a network of advanced service centres in the Voronezh, Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk, Tambov, Orel and Bryansk oblasts. Each service centre has a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for repair and diagnostics of machinery of any complexity and in any season. The service department features an on-line claims system and an on-site service van depot to provide prompt response to all customer calls within several hours.

The AgroCentreLiski warehouse stocks over 20, 000 items of spare parts for the whole range of agricultural machines supplied. Stock is replenished on a weekly basis. State-of-the-art dedicated storage and bar code systems make shipment and delivery of spare parts and consumable materials prompt and reliable.

AgroCentreLiski specialists are highly qualified in the sphere of agribusiness. Managers of the sales department are committed to offering the customer many options to suit his farm-specific needs based on production volumes, technologies used and the development strategy for coming years.

The company maintains an ongoing “dialogue” with Russian agricultural producers.

AgroCentreLiski regularly hosts seminars and Field Days at its own facilities and offers training courses for farm staff.

AgroCentreLiski LLC

1A, Pushkinskaya street, 3rd floor, Voronezh, 394036
Telephone: +7 (473) 259-76-16

Location map

Voronezh oblast


30A, 30 let Pobedy street, Sredny Ikorets village, Liskinsky District, Voronezh oblast, 397961
Telephone: +7 (47391) 99-324, 99-047

Location map

Belgorod oblast


132V, Korochanskaya street, Belgorod, 308006
Telephone: +7 (4722) 56-81-56/65

Location map

Bryansk oblast

11A, Shosseynaya street, Suponevo village, Bryansky District, Bryansk oblast, 241520
Telephone: +7 (4832) 92-13-91

Location map

Kursk oblast


Meshcherskiye Dvory village, Shchigrovsky District, Kursk oblast, 306513
Telephone: +7 (4712) 74-85-11/12/13

Location map

Lipetsk oblast


2, Pridorozhnaya street, Khlevnoe village, Lipetsk oblast, 399260
Telephone: +7 (4742) 28-66-44

Location map

Oryol oblast


6, Mashinostroitelnaya street, Oryol, 302008
Telephone: +7 (4862) 40-20-81/83

Location map

Tambov oblast


34, Promyshlennaya street, Stroitel village, Tambov District, Tambov oblast, 392523
Telephone: +7 (4752) 49-29-60

Location map

Krasnodar Area and the Republic of Adygea

POB 56, Industrialniy village, Kalinino district, Krasnodar, Krasnodar area
Telephone: +7 928 036-10-96, Sergey Lushnikov