Flagship soil equipment

Kverneland Field Day 2017, one of the most anticipated agricultural events in Lipetsk oblast, has taken place at the premises of the largest in Europe service centre built by AgroCentreLiski in Khlevnoye. It has attracted around 500 farmers and businessmen eager to see the spectacular showcase of new 2017 farm machinery with their own eyes.

The Field Day has become a continuation of the celebration of the decennial anniversary of the Russian plant of the Kverneland Group. The manufacturing facility located in Lipetsk has been increasing production rate and playing ever-larger part in the business of the entire group.

An incredibly interesting programme was planned for the guests of the event. Among tens of pieces of soil tillage, sowing, crop care and forage equipment being showcased were both well-established and new models in the Russian market.

'Today, we have provided a platform for customers and the manufacturer to engage in a direct, but more importantly, meaningful dialogue, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our future cooperation’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, Director General of AgroCentre.

Without delay, the demo show began, and from the very first minutes the guests’ attention was drawn to the new DG II seed drill being unveiled in Russia for the first time. The machine stands out for its great performance of up to 200 ha/day due to its high speed facilitated by a high coulter pressure of 80 kg and the largest seed hopper capacity among its counterparts.

'Our company has an extensive machinery fleet, with some machines bearing Kverneland brand plate’, says Alexey Kulik, Head of the Lipetskaya Agricultural Company. ‘We’ve known this manufacturer since 2008 and I can say that the machinery offers exceptional speed, reliability and value for money in comparison with its competitors, while the service centre provides quick response times and high-quality service.’

PN and RN Series semi-mounted reversible ploughs, the most popular implements in the line-up, delivered excellent ploughing quality during the working demonstration. Moreover, being the lightest in their class, they require less pulling force, which translates into fuel economy, minimum wear and tractor load resulting in cost savings for the grower.

'Against the general sales drop at the global farm machinery market last year, the Russian market has demonstrated a strong growth’, says Robert Tsizak, Director General for Kverneland Group CIS and Kverneland Group Manufacturing Lipetsk. ‘This means that manufacturers need to be prepared to meet agricultural producers’ rising requirements regarding modern farm machinery and to surprise them with ever more sophisticated and efficient machinery.’

The highlight of the working demonstration was the first self-propelled sprayer Kverneland iXdrive. The characteristic feature of the machine is that enables the operator to control most of the functions — such as switching among filling, mixing, spraying, diluting, pump priming, tank flash and cleanout operations — directly from the cab. The new model opens up a broad range of possibilities when combined with precision farming system, which is fast-growing in Russia.

'I'd like to thank Kverneland for support and a weighty contribution to the development of the Russian agricultural sector’, says Sergey Lomantsov, Head of AgroCentreLiski branch. ‘It is our longest-standing strategic partner, jointly with whom we annually supply Russian farmers with new, reliable and quality-built machinery of the world-renowned brand Kverneland!’