Investment in modernisation

The second Trans-Urals agricultural forum ‘Investment into Modernisation of Agricultural Sector’ has taken place in the fields of Ketovo district, Kurgan oblast. Just like last year, the event has drawn a lot of agricultural companies, among them — AgroCentre.

The most spectacular part of the event was a tour of farm machinery on display and its working demonstration. The attendees got to see 70 pieces of modern machinery of both Russian and foreign make: tractors, grain harvesting combines, mowers, sprayers, mixer wagons, loaders, grain handling equipment and more.

‘AgroCentre never misses the showcase’, says Dmitriy Gerasimenko, Head of Kurgan branch of AgroCentre. ‘Currently, Russian farmers are in need of modern machinery, and we are here to connect them to the latest novelties in farming technology by offering AGCO machinery. I’d like to highlight the Massey Ferguson Series 8690 tractor, a well-balanced machine combining power and reliability which is suitable for rough conditions, an indispensable feature when it comes to field operations.’

Visitors of the AgroCentre booth also paid close attention to the MF 6713 tractor which is suitable both for large- and small-sized farms due to its basic design and reliability. Besides, a JCB-531-70 telescopic loader was showcased in action and gained considerable attention from the public.

‘The JCB-531-70 telescopic loader is equipped with the new SRS system and a wide range of attachments is available for each type of operations’, continues Dmitriy Gerasimenko. ‘The machine features JCB Dieselmax engine to enhance power and performance. Producing impressive 63 kW, it offers maximum torque at low rpm, thus, operates under less load as compared to its counterparts.’