AgroCentre knows what farmers need!

AgroCentre has brought the latest novelties in global farm machinery building to Urals Field Day.

As usual, the public’s attention was captured by machinery of such popular brands as Fendt, Massey Ferguson, JCB, Valley. Besides the well-known brands, AgroCentre also showcased FAE machinery, which is new to the Russian market. FAE supplies high-performance mounted land-clearing implements. The medium power FAE UMM/DT-200 mulcher displayed at the Field Day can shred plants up to 30 cm in diameter. It is used for clearing overgrown treelines, uprooting and removal of vegetation in yards of old neglected houses or clearing territories for future use as farmland.

At the Trade fair, the mulcher was coupled with a 220-hp Massey Ferguson Series 7 tractor, which can operate on single narrow wheels or tandem wheels to pull heavy soil implements or transport freight.

The Fendt Series 933 was showcased right next to the Massey Ferguson. Despite its 330 hp, the giant demonstrates striking fuel efficiency. Another item displayed at AgroCentre’s booth was Valley irrigation system.

‘Our company is an authorized dealer of Valmont, the manufacturer of Valley irrigation systems’, says Dmitriy Gerasimenko, Head of Kurgan branch of AgroCentre, ‘We supply them to Urals, Penza, Yaroslavl, Vologda and Kostroma.’

The Valley product range comprises centre pivots, linears, spans and fixed pivot points. The equipment has long been recognised for providing exceptional quality to large-sized farming enterprises, among which is Agrofirm KRiMM (Tyumen oblast) and Kartofel LLC (Kurgan oblast). Both companies have purchased over 20 Valley irrigation systems each so far.

‘We provide such services as assembly, after-sales support and spare parts supply’, says Dmitriy Gerasimenko.

Aleksandr Kolmakov, Director for Crop Production of the largest pig farming operation in Tyumen oblast, another long-standing customer of AgroCentre, takes a keen interest in tractors. One of his favourite models is Massey Ferguson 8690.

‘Our tractor operator has become a top performer with it’, he says, ‘for which he received a recognition letter from the Ministry of Agriculture. He is grateful to AgroCentre and Massey Ferguson.’