MICHELIN premier partner conference

AgroCentre, among a select few partners, has participated in the first conference for dealers of agricultural tyres in the CIS AOR of MICHELIN. The conference took place in Warsaw (Poland).

Dealer’s grip

The history of MICHELIN, a French company, dates back to 1889. Currently, it is one of global leading manufacturers of tyres, providing solutions in a wide range of farming and industrial applications. AgroCentre, cooperating with MICHELIN since 2011, has made real progress in sales of innovative tyres in the Russian Rmarket. AgroCentre’s area of responsibility covers 18 regions of Russia.

During the conference, the participants were summing up the results and planning ahead. Product range expansion and novelties which will be introduced in the Russian market were revealed to the dealers.

‘This year, we increased the sales volume by one and a half times as compared to the same period of 2016', says Sergey Tikhomirov, Head of Spare Parts Department of AgroCentreHolding. ‘We hold leading positions among the dealers, our clients have developed an appreciation for good operating characteristics of the tyres.’

Creating the future

The participants of the conference were impressed by MICHELIN factory in Olstyn. It is a sophisticated global European production site with a high output and a potential for future growth. Despite the high automation level, over 4,500 people work there. During the tour of the factory, the dealers could see each stage of tyre production cycle: from material preparation through carcass formation to finished product, quality control, warehouse management and dispatch to customers.

‘We’ve been shown the way they prepare the mixture, form the carcass, dip it in the vulcanising agent and “bake” it’, shares his impressions Sergey Tikhomirov. ‘Only a minor part of tyres is manufactured in a full-automation cycle. All large off-road tyres for agriculture are manufactured manually. It is a labour-consuming process worthy of respect.’

Sales analysis has shown that MICHELIN tyres are in high demand in the market. There is even a slight deficit. The supplier is ready to satisfy the Russian farmers’ needs. And as for AgroCentre, it is ready to identify them and outline the brand’s advantages to the customers.’