AgroCentre never ceases to surprise

In late June, the principal oblast of the Black-Soil region hosted Voronezh Field Day, the largest regional agricultural trade fair over the past few years. This year, no different from previous years since 2011, AgroCentre was among the exhibitors of the large-scale event.

‘AgroCentre never ceases to surprise farmers with machinery on offer’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, Director General of AgroCentre. ‘At our display, we presented two novelties – Fendt 1050 and Massey Ferguson 6713. These unique machines are perfectly adapted for work in our climate zone.’

In addition, AgroCentre showcased a wide range of towed implements. The Challenger 9186 Planter featuring the patented PAM system using gentle low-pressure positive air in the seed meter drew particular attention. The Challenger 1700-18 disc harrow and the Challenger 5730-27 cultivator were also presented to the guests, one of which was so impressed with the machine that he bought it without a moment’s hesitation.

‘Three years ago, our farm purchased a Fendt 933 tractor’, says Maxim Trineyev, Deputy Head of Chernozyom farm. Currently, we have a long-standing partnership with AgroCentre. In other service centres, you need to make a written request and wait for the manager to get back to you, whereas in AgroCentre, all you need to do is call and whatever issues you have had will be resolved promptly and, which is no less important, competently.’

The highlight of the event was a demo show opened by AgroCentre company. The Fendt 933 tractor with the UMEGA PI 20 versatile agricultural trailer entered the field. The tractor’s extensive standard equipment distinguishes it from its competitors, whereas multiple options are aimed at further enhancing operator comfort.

The lift capacity of the trailer is 20 tonnes, and the tank volume is 40 cu. m. The trailer is a multi-purpose implement which can be coupled with mounted attachments such as a grain cart ora fertilizer or sugar beet hopper.

‘Our farmers need to bring their machinery fleets up to the European level in order to achieve high economic results’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev. ‘Currently, we have a shortage of quality equipment in the fields, working on this basic premise, AgroCentre strives to supply the Russian market with proven and reliable machines.’