Moscow oblast resident

The Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor has become a rightful ‘citizen’ of Russia. From this year on, the 6 Series tractors are assembled at AGCO-RM factory, a joint venture of Russian Machines Corporation and AGCO.

The total project investment amount will exceed 3.8 billion rubles. For the locals, the new production facility means 333 new working places.

Production localisation in Golitsyno, Moscow oblast, offers Russian farmers a number of advantages, including, in the first place, price reduction, increased availability of machinery and spare parts and prompt delivery.

‘AGCO-RM is going to master tractor production gradually’, says Christian Kremer, Director General of the joint venture. ‘It is planned to bring the localisation level up to 50% over the coming 3-4 years. The production volumes will depend, among other factors, on the market conditions. The overall production capacity in Golitsyno will reach 5,000 machinery units per year.’

Product engineers have high hopes for the MF 6713. The tractor is called the largest engineering project in the entire history of the company.

Now that it is assembled in Russia, the machine can provide worthy competition in the mid power tractor range.

‘An undoubted benefit of the MF 6713 is a convenient access to all tractor components’, says Nikolay Kunitsin, Sales Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘It will facilitate routine inspections and maintenance, thus reducing the risk of costly downtime. Owners of the MF 6713 will appreciate the unique cooling system which allows the machine to operate without overheating. This model is distinguished by excellent cab comfort: the ergonomic cab ensuring perfect visibility is one of the most spacious in this class.’

In order to illustrate all the advantages, AgroCentre’s specialists have compiled the following comparison table containing specifications of the MF 6713 and the MTZ 1221.2, one of the most popular mid power tractors in Russia.

MF 6713

МТЗ 1221.2


AGCO Power™ 4-cyl, 4.4 l, intercooled turbocharger, 132 hp, 2 valves per cylinder

MMZ 6-cyl, 7.1 l, 122.9 hp, 2 valves per cylinder, turbocharged

Gear box

Synchromesh gearbox ensures 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds in 2 ranges

16 forward/ 8 reverse speeds

Rear linkage control

Electronic, buttons on the steering column

Mechanical, via levers

Rear hitch lifting capacity

5,200 kg

4,300 kg

Hydraulic pump capacity

58 l/min

51 l/min

Tractor Power Train

3-speed PTO, oil-immersed multi-disc clutch with electro-hydraulic engagement

Double-ended PTO, mechanical clutch

Fuel Tank volume

180 litres

140 litres

Air conditioning system

A great number of deflectors for an optimum air flow distribution

A limited number of deflectors

Reverse lever

On the steering column

Positioned on the floor, on the right-hand side