Voronezhagro: the dashing three!

Voronezhagro – 2015, 20th interregional trade show has taken place in the Voronezh Expocentre of the VSAU. The leading exhibit of the Black Soil region showcased around 100 stands of farming machinery and equipment dealers. AgroCentreLiski was one of them.

AgroCentre’s specialists observed that farmers were as much interested in tractors as usual. As in the previous year, the low-consumption machines such as Massey Ferguson 8690 (370 hp) and Massey Ferguson 7624 (235 hp) are in high demand.

‘We have sold over twenty Massey Ferguson tractors this year’, says Andrey Kostryukov, Manager of the Sales Department of the Voronezh branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Currently, livestock farming is rapidly developing in the region. This makes for a good demand for the medium-power Massey Ferguson 7624 tractors. Owing to the AGCO Power Stage2 engine with the Common Rail fuel injection, the machine is very robust. The system has been developed specifically for a frequent change of load, thus ensuring its reliability. It has quite a comfortable cab and an easy-to-grasp control system. I believe this model is unrivalled in terms of cost-technology ratio.’

The Massey Ferguson 8690 has no competitors in its class either. Having received a Golden medal at Voronezhagro last year, this model is still sought-after. Despite its power, the tractor is energy efficient, even when working with max-width implements. All this is due to the 6-cylinder turbocharged pre-cooled AGCO Power (8.4 l) engine with the Common Rail fuel injection. The tractor always works steadily, no jerks or overloads. The automatic power control system adjusts engine rotation to maintain the set travelling speed at the minimum RPM possible in the entire range of operating speeds. The high-performance hydraulic system featuring an enclosed centre and a hydraulic pump with an output of 200 l/min provides an oil flow sufficient to carry out any operations.

The Representatives of the Agricultural Division of the Voronezh oblast also noticed the high demand for tractors.

‘The Voronezh oblast is one of the most technologically advanced farming regions’, says Alexander Vinnikov, Head of the Scientific Innovation and Technical Development Department of the Agricutural Division of the Voronezh oblast. ‘However, we still have quite a lot of outdated agricultural machinery. We do need re-equipment. And farmers understand it. Indeed, modern machines are at a completely different level of production and labour quality for the workers of the industry, i.e. for those, who work directly in the fields.

The Fendt 933 (330 hp) tractor renowned for its comfort was the last of the dashing three. Over the year, the brand has literally changed its image. To be more exact, it has added the reputation of one of the most cost-efficient tractors to its image of an ‘agricultural Mercedes’. In many respects, it was AgroCentre that largely contributed to it.

‘We have proved to our clients with test-drives and demo shows that Fendt is not just an overly comfortable tractor costing more than its analogues, but an economy workhorse, which has embraced the latest innovations’. says Oleg Shchednov, Sales Department Manager of the Voronezh branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘As our clients’ experience has shown, the tractor consumes 15% less than others. The enhanced convenience also impressed the farmers: a ride on a coarsely ploughed field felt like that on a toll highway!’