New Opportunities

For the first time AgroCentreZakharovo has made itself known at the biggest Agricultural Forum of Siberia which took place in Krasnoyarsk. At the event, the results of the farming year were discussed and the technical achievements of the farming industry showcased.

AgroCentreZakharovo didn’t stand back either. The company brought to the showcase the Massey Ferguson MF8690 wheel tractor, a novelty for the Krasnoyarsk farmers.

According to Andrey Rastorguev, Head of the Krasnoyarsk Office of AgroCentreZakharovo, in the course of the last five years, the farmers have been gradually replacing their machine and tractor fleet, giving preference to imported machinery. Currently the demand for high-efficiency has increased considerably. Having achieved good results in terms of grain and milk yields, farmers received another evidence that efficient production and cost minimization is possible only with modern machinery.

The residents of Krasnoyarsk examined the Massey Ferguson MF8690 tractor with interest: they pointed out good towing performance and lifting capacity to work with heavy attachments and appreciated the comfort. On the whole, the novelty came to the liking of the Krasnoyarsk farmers. The more so that it got them thinking about purchasing the tractor for the new season. The fact that AgroCentreZakharovo has everything necessary for subsequent machinery service – a modern service centre, a mobile unit of technicians and spare parts warehouse - played its part as well.