High efficiency reload

This year at Agritechnica, ANNABURGER launched the upgraded HTS 22.16 chaser bin for grain, pelleted fertilizer and seed material.

The chaser bin with a useful volume of 28 m³ and a total allowable weight of 23 t is fitted with a new auger tiltable to the side, which enables an operator to incline and lift the auger during reloading works in steps of 20⁰. In this case, the reloading height may vary from 3.6 m to 4.51 m, and the distance from the end point of the unloading auger to the chaser side varies from 1.85 m to 1 m. Installation of an auger of this kind is planned for all chaser bin models with a volume of from 25 m³ up to 36 m³. Currently, ANNABURGER offers one of the most high-throughput augers at the market at a reloading capacity of 15 m³/min.

The chaser bin is equipped with a cross wall inside the body which divides it into two equal hermetically sealed halves. Such systems can be used, for instance, to transfer seed material and pelleted fertilizer simultaneously. The material is fed onto the unloading auger with a lateral auger. The freight is separated from the lateral auger with two gates driven by hydraulic system. Two hydraulically operated gates and another gate under the unloading auger are mounted to clean the body from residue.

ANNABURGER also presented upgraded equipment for reloading seed stock and pelleted fertilizer. The extended unloading auger is fitted with a hydraulic drive, has the feature of loading from a distance, can be folded sidewise and laid along the body.

Besides, the chaser bin is equipped with a mechanical weighing system, hydraulically pressurized undercarriage and hitch, as well as a hydraulic drive for transfer of seed stock and pelleted fertilizer, adjustable unloading hood, MMS control system, operating headlight, tarp, CCTV cameras and 800/45 R26,5 wide tyres by Alliance.