Valtra: in the fields and on runways!

The Valtra tractor is a model of versatility, endurance and reliability. This is probably the most versatile tractor which has proved its quality not only in the field.

Valtra tractors come from Finland. It is not surprising that they are doing so well in our country, especially in severe climate zones.

In the fields

Sergey Grigoryev, Director of Chervishevsky collective farm OJSC (Tyumen oblast, Tyumen district):

‘The Valtra T 191 tractor (120 hp) has been working on our farm since 2007. It has done over 10,000 engine hours. During the farming season, we use it for tillage and sowing with medium working width implements. The working speed is up to 12 km/h. We also use it for forage harvesting. The machine has done extremely well in terms of operation, there have not been any serious breakdowns. The most important thing is to do the maintenance check on time and change the consumables.

In winter, the tractor in combination with a nine-tonne trailer is used for manure hauling. By the way, the engine starts without any problems even in the most severe frosts. That’s what we call the Scandinavian character!

I admit that we did not consider only technical characteristics when buying this tractor. We also looked at the comfort and operation ease. Since we are located in close proximity to the city, we need to create good working conditions to attract machine operators. That is why we chose Valtra: it has an ergonomic cab, a comfortable seat, an air conditioning system and is easy to operate. It is a reliable machine, everything is very functional.’

On runways

Dmitry Gofman, Head of the 2nd Road Transport Management Centre of Roshchino Airport (Tyumen):

‘Of course, the five Valtra T 161 tractors (175 hp) do not work exactly on the runways. However, they bring all the adjacent territory, the aircraft parking area, the driveways, the roads and the vehicles parking area to perfection. These are very reliable machines. We purchased them in 2008. Every machine has done over 5,000 engine hours without any failures. The tractors do not cause any problems in winter, they start at the first turn of the key!

These tractors were purchased with angle blades and brushes. We have no problems with snow and ice removal in winter, and in summer, the tractors help to sweep out all the dirt and sand clean and quickly. The models are very compact and maneuverable, they squeeze into the most inaccessible places. Sometimes, the tractors work almost around the clock. There have been no failures so far.

We have also purchased a Valtra mulcher. We are using it for chopping shrubs. Valtra offers probably the widest range of mounted equipment and its combinations for both households and farms. When we were choosing the mounted equipment, we were under the impression that if we ordered, say, a ‘moon picker’ or a ‘cloud disperser’, Valtra would get it for us. We liked the individual customer approach. The Valtra specialists do not just produce standard machines, they equip each tractor model in accordance with the client’s needs.’