Action speaks louder than words

AGCO-RM launches the upgraded Activa S and Beta combines from Massey Ferguson into the market. The previous models of combines are well known to agricultural producers. They participate in various competitions in the fields of Russia and consistently show the best results. However, first things first.

AgroCentreZakharovo arranged a real combine battle in the Penza oblast in the fields of RosAgro agricultural holding (Kamenka district). The combines of the world leading brands tried strength against each other to find out which of them could harvest winter wheat faster and more efficiently. The Massey Ferguson Beta 7370 with a 7.55 m header was among the participants. Each combine worked on its own 20-hectare plot within the field ‘ring’ of 150 hectares. Despite the obstacles the Massey Ferguson Beta 7370 faced at the start, it was the first to finish.

‘The Massey Ferguson Beta 7370 coped with the job faster because it unloaded the grain on the go and did not stop a single time throughout the harvesting’, says Alexey Porokhin, Leading Manager of the Sales Department of the Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo, ‘The Beta also demonstrated the best results for cost efficiency: 185 litres of fuel per ha versus 219 litres per ha used by the competitive models. The grain tank with a capacity of 9,000 litres has an unloading rate of 105 l/sec – that is one of the highest rates in the class. The maximum capacity of its competitors is 100 l/sec.’

The Massey Ferguson Beta 7370 harvests with a minimum loss – 180 grains/m². The competitors have a loss rate of up to 268 grains/m². The judges highly estimated the quality of straw threshing and spreading demonstrated by the Beta 7370.

‘We hold such competitions on a regular basis’, says Lomali Albakov, Director General of RosAgro. ‘One can see the “true colours” of the machinery and test all its parameters in reality, not just in words. I should mention that all the participants are noteworthy but some models are far ahead of their rivals in many respects. We’ll think which machine will suit our enterprise better.’

While the agricultural producers were making decisions about the combine for the next season, AGCO-RM renovated its MF Activa S and MF Beta models.

‘Massey Ferguson Combine Harvesters are initially designed for the toughest conditions’, says Sergey Sozinov, Massey Ferguson Product Manager of AGCO-RM. ‘Their construction ensures durability and safety of use. No matter which model the agricultural producers choose, the Massey Ferguson combines will last a very long time at minimum maintenance costs.’

A new sectional concave allows the operator to change the front section quickly and easily while switching to another crop type without removing the feed elevator.

Currently, the grain tanks of the MF Activa S combines are equipped with a 5-metre unloading auger. This option, which used to be characteristic only of the MF Beta machines, increased the unloading system capacity up to 105 hp.

When harvesting challenging crops such as rice, corn and pulses, the MF Activa S and the MF Beta can be optionally equipped with wear resistant components. All augers are reinforced by welding along the full length of the flight screw, the elevator legs are chrome-plated and the final drives are equipped with reinforced seals. Additional functionality is achieved through the use of the wear resistant plates mounted on the blades of the centrifugal separator.

The MF Activa S model is equipped with the AGCO POWER (276 hp) engine with the special Engine Power system providing an additional 30 hp boost that increases the short-time maximum capacity up to 306 hp. These machines provide a high torque ensuring infallible capacity in any conditions.

Another advantage of the MF Activa S Series is the driver-friendly Proline cab. The cab comes with a host of features such as a large viewing window, an excellent sound insulation, an air-conditioning system and an adjustable air suspension seat. The TechTouch terminal provides convenient and easy operation control. For example, the driver can monitor all the relevant operations for most crops through automatic settings without any troubles.

Designers of the Beta Series combines paid particular attention to the driver's comfort – the Skyline cab with the new easy-to-use operating units allows the operator to work in a calm atmosphere.