JCB volunteers

AgroCentre has established a good tradition of carrying out demonstrations of farming equipment hosted by its clients. This year the JCB 531-70 telescopic handler went to work free of charge on two farms of Kurgan oblast.

Initially, AgroCentre introduced JCB handlers to Vladimir Oleinikov, head of the Vostok farming enterprise in Chastoozyorsky district, at the SIMA exhibition in France. Then they met on Field Days. This year Vladimir Oleinikov decided to take the handler to his farm for testing. AgroCentre was happy to assist. Equipped with a manure and silage fork and a bucket (2.5 m3), the JCB 531-70 telehandler set off to load manure. After almost a day of work (10 motor-hours), the handler replaced three Belarus tractors in the farm, thereby making the chief engineer much happier.

“This machine is crucial for us,” Pyotr Dzhaly, Chief Engineer of Vostok farm, says. “It boasts economy and performance. We like that the handler works noiselessly at our livestock facility and doesn’t frighten the animals. It’s very manoeuvrable, passing easily through even the most narrow apertures. It’s simple in operation. The machine operator adapted quickly. We’re going to buy it after the harvest.”

In the Luch farming enterprise in Lebyazhye district, the JCB 531-70 telescopic handler was busy loading dry manure to deliver to the fields. The machine was loading KAMAZ trucks so quickly that it stood idle while they came back from the fields. The machine operator who worked on the handler remarked that it managed the loading two times faster than other machines he worked on before.

“We need two telehandlers of this kind,” Victor Kiselyov, Chief Engineer of the farm, said, sharing his impressions. “I operated it myself. It gains good transportation speed. It’s convenient to drive from one division to another. We also like that you can easily replace the bucket with a gripping device and vice-versa. We are grateful that AgroCentre allowed us to test the machine before purchase. Now we are convinced – the handler is superb!”