The greedy pay thrice!

The Chelyabinsk oblast hosted the annual regional Plowman Day. This is not only a contest of top-notch mechanics and a field exhibition of a wide range of agricultural machinery – this event allows the farmers to see the machines in action, test them in the field, ask colleagues for their opinion, and get expert advice.

As Chelyabinsk farmers say, meteorites in their region fall from the sky slightly less often than the subsidies are granted. Therefore, they have to rely on their own financial abilities when buying farm machinery. That means they have to estimate the economic efficiency of each machine.

The Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCenterZakharovo presented the most high-tech solutions for agricultural enterprises. The JCB 531-70 loader enjoyed a special attention of the agricultural producers.

‘We are currently buying the JCB 531-70 loader from AgroCenterZakharovo’, says Sagymbai Rakhimov, Director of Gama-Ural LLC. ‘There is one more already operating on our farm. It toils on the farm all year round performing a great variety of tasks: transportation, lifting, cleaning, haulage, etc. It is especially helpful for forage preparation. It does a lot and pays off quickly. The machine is worth the money. Actually, the price offered by AgroCenter corresponds to the machines’ capacity. This is very important. On the one hand, we never have extra money to spend, on the other – the greedy pay thrice! This way we have reached some balance in between!’

Sagymbai Rakhimow also shared some more news. He found a perfect option for forage preparation in AgroCentreZakharovo – the Challenger WR 9740 self-propelled mowers. He chose exactly this model because of its high capacity (about 13.5 ha/h) and low fuel consumption – 1.5 l/ha in average. Climate control, independent front suspension, and excellent visibility make this mower the most comfortable in the Russian market. Besides, the operator comfort has a significant influence on the capacity of the machine.

Other advantages of Challenger WR 9740 include a super heavy-duty frame designed for heavy loads and automatic header angle adjustment depending on the relief.

The guests had an opportunity to see the Challenger MT 765C (320 hp) track tractor both at the AgroCenterZakharovo exhibition site and in the field, coupled to a cultivator. Many farmers watched the smooth motion of the tractor with a great interest and then tried themselves as machine operators. There were people who simply did not want to leave the comfortable cab and return to the burning hot field.

‘These tractors are in high demand now’, says Alexander Grosul, Senior Sales Manager of the Sales Department of the Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCenterZakharovo. The Challenger MT 765C tractor gets around perfectly on overmoistered soils, where the wheeled models get stuck. At the same time, it does not damage the soil surface as much. This gentle passability is very important for soil moisture conservation in case of early sowing or a slow spring like the one we had this year. This is a multi-purpose tractor, it can be used in all field operations with medium working length implements’.