JCB is more than a handler

For more than eight years, AgroCentre has been supplying all models of JCB telescopic handlers to Russian agricultural producers. Those machines are recognised as indispensable farming aids worldwide for their performance, reliability and versatility.

The JCB Company (UK) has been producing telehandlers for more than 35 years. The company invests considerable money into production, makes research efforts and implements advanced engineering developments.

“Such global intelligent and financial investments pay off. JCB offers the widest range of handlers designed with farming specifics in mind. These machines are used all around, at livestock facilities, for loading-unloading, in poultry yards, at elevators, in storehouses, at agricultural premise construction sites, and even for snow removal or transporting calves,” says Sergey Lomantsov, Deputy Director of AgroCentreLiski LLC.

Presently no other producer offers a wider line of handler models: 13 machines of the Agri series with 1.5-6 tonne handling capacity and 4-8 m lift height. Compared to competitor’s machinery, JCB handlers are equipped with a more powerful air filtering system. All engines in basic configuration are equipped with turbo-supercharging. The powerful hydraulic system provides failure-free operation under the heaviest loads. Load control sensors are installed on each load-bearing and power unit of the machine. Data from the sensors are sent to the display inside the cab.

The JCB telehandler boom deserves special praise. It is made of a U-shaped tube covered with sheet steel without any welding at the point of critical stress. The JCB telehandler has no counterweight. Its stability is ensured by its design.

When the machine is moving, it is possible to switch between two-wheel or four-wheel power drive. The 4WD switch-off function is included in the standard delivery kit. This function helps to reduce fuel consumption and slow down wear of tyres and transmission during transportation work.

Shifting between the different modes of handler movement (‘track by track,’ ‘transportation,’ ‘duck walk’) is automated and can be done ‘on-the-run’ by using the switch.

JCB telehandlers are equipped with the LiveLink system. This system helps farmers and dealers control worked motor hours, fuel consumption and data on the handler usage. The system sends notifications about the operating condition of the machine and need for maintenance. All machine data are available via a web-site which can be accessed even by cell phone.