As viewed from inside

AGCO has carried out its scheduled dealers’ training. This time training took place in Italy, at the European plant manufacturing grain harvesters. AgroCentre specialists attended the sessions as well.

Before looking inside the combine harvester and comparing it with competitors, the dealers examined all production stages of the plant. Here at the laboratory, plant specialists demonstrated quality assurance procedures. After this study-tour, practical training was carried out. The dealers were told about features of the MF Activa, Beta and Centora grain harvesters in comparison with competitors. The MF Centora 8-walker harvester, a very popular model in the European market, drew outstanding interest of the participants.

“Compared to competition, this harvester features a larger separating area and higher threshing quality. In addition, this model is equipped with an innovative system for cylinder loading control. It monitors cylinder operation depending on load,” explains Aleksey Porokhin, senior manager of the sales department at the Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo.

PowerFlow reapers (5.5-6.7 m) equipped with longitudinal belt conveyors will be available in the Russian market this year. Conveyors of this type provide smooth feeding of the harvested mass, resulting in better quality of threshing and separation. These machines are ideal for harvesting grain crops and rape and they also show excellent results on down crops.