Demand fosters development!

In early summer, agricultural producers of Yaroslavl oblast and adjacent regions attended the traditional Field Day. A demonstration of up-to-date technological solutions was conducted for all forward-looking agricultural producers on the grounds of the Agricultural Enterprise Voshchazhnikovo JSC (Borisoglebsky district, Yaroslavl oblast). AgroCentre participated in this event.

“At this Field Day, more than 70 suppliers presented cutting-edge agricultural machines coming from all corners of the world. They are in demand, and demand fosters development of agriculture,” says Sergei Yastrebov, the Governor of Yaroslavl oblast.

The tractor Valtra T 191h (189 hp) on display at the stand of the Yaroslavl branch of AgroCentreZakharovo was greatly admired. This brand of tractors is the most popular both in agriculture and in forestry as well as utility work.

“This tractor is ideal for livestock and crop enterprises, including vegetable producers with fields covering up to three thousand hectares. T Series Valtra tractors consume much less fuel. SCR technology makes it possible to refine exhaust gases and optimise engine performance. In addition, the tractor’s dimensions meet all road traffic regulations. One can drive it on regular roads without any escort,” says Evgeny Lukyanov, head of the service department at the AgroCentreZakharovo LLC regional company.

Livestock producers of the region favour the ‘jack-of-all-trades,’ the loader JCB 531-70 Agri. A wide range of attachments enhances the attractiveness of the large capacity of this smart, reliable, and failure-free machine: wad handling, fodder preparation, loading-unloading operations at a height of up to seven metres, cargo transportation. Thanks to the quickly detachable carriage, replacement of attachments takes just two minutes.

GSI dryers were also in demand from the guests of AgroCentre. Agricultural producers complained about the capricious weather of the central region, which they have to cope with and compensate. It is impossible to prepare grains for market without dryers here. Compared to its peers, the prices for GSI equipment are quite reasonable. The price matches the quality of the dryer and the quality of grains after drying.