The ingenious is always simple!

Challenger 9800 Single Disc pneumatic drills are perfectly suited to soil treatment using any type of technology, be it zero, minimum or traditional. Reliability and simplicity in operation, such are additional advantages of the drill besides of its adaptability on the job. Nevertheless, the major merit of the drill is its perfect seeding precision.

The secret of precise seeding is ingenious and simple. The key lies in design of the tool featuring the employment of opposed single discs that raise and move the soil between two 15 cm rows. The soil loosened by opposed discs is moved back to the roll-on wheel which levels and compacts the furrow soil. Such soil removal prevents compression of the side wall and keeps the furrow from cluttering with stubble, all of which promotes sprouting well.

“The guiding wheel of the Challenger Single Disc drill is installed not close to the disc, but a little behind,” says Nikolay Kunitsyn, head of the sales department at AgroCentreLiski. “The wheel does not bend stubble down, into the seed bed, as most other brand drills do. Thus, there are no obstacles for proper seed embedding.”

The operator can control seed and fertiliser introduction without leaving the tractor cabin by using the on-board computer. The Challenger 9800 basic model has sensors for monitoring the batcher shaft operation, bin filling level, batcher fouling, machine movement speed and fan rotation rate. The seeding area and seed consumption counter controls the work process with a very high degree of accuracy. Moreover, the operator doesn’t have to leave the cabin to change the operating mode since he can control disc pressure via the computer, not manually as on most other similar machines.

AgroCentre supplies these drills with different grip width (9 m – CH 9830-30, 12 m – CH 9830-40, 15 m – CH 9850-50, and 18 m – CH 9850-60), and with grain hoppers of various volumes (9,800; 11,805 and 18,500 litres).

Vladimir Zakablukov, Deputy Technical Director of Krasnoyaruzhskaya Zernovaya Kompaniya JSC, Belgorod oblast: “We have purchased the Challenger Single Disc drill (12 m) from AgroCentre. This year it is going to open the third harvest season already. For the previous two years of operation, about 7,500 hectares were seeded using this machine. We like the way it works. We operate it at a speed of 12 km/h (which is not the limit, but our agronomists tend towards over-security and prohibit us to approach the thresholds). Nevertheless, this is the most efficient drill among the others available on our farms.

We seed either by stubbling-in or employ minimum till. The quality of seed embedding is perfect. One can assess it by the quality of the fields, which are smooth, without any gaps.”

In the opinion of a technician, the drill is reliable and simple in operation. It takes half the time for setting and adjusting compared to counterparts from other brands. The design of the seeding apparatus is so simplified that it leaves no space for a malfunction!