In all its glory

Dealers of the AGCO Corporation met at the Fendt tractor plant in Germany. They looked over the plant facilities and attended a presentation of new products.

The guests beheld the upgraded Fendt 936 Vario tractor in all its glory. Plant engineers say that about 60 modifications were introduced in the previous model in order to make the machine more efficient and productive. Vario hydraulic and transmission systems were upgraded. New strengthened internal housing was installed in order to make service life of the hydraulic pump substantially longer. Tractor power was increased up to 360 hp. The best achievements of the new concept included cooling systems for engine lubrication oil and transmission gear oil, and also one-piece steel pistons featuring strength and long service life. New components of the engine, the upgraded CommonRail fuel system, and two turbo-compressors providing maximum torque in the wider speed range, were introduced to widen functionality of the Fendt tractor and make it even more useful.

“This model can be employed for all kinds of work related to tillage. It can be used in the animal industry as well, for instance, with a tractor-towed loader,” said Nikolay Kunitsyn, head of the sales department at AgroCentreLiski, “This year the upgraded Fendt tractor will be available on the Russian market as well. The first tests will be carried out in the Central Black Earth Region.”

The dealer representatives were invited to watch all the stages of tractor assembly on-the-spot, inside the manufacture workshops, where tractors of all series, from mini-tractors to powerful aggregates up to 390 hp, are assembled.