Opus No. 2015

The new Opus cultivator released in 2015 opens a Vaderstad training session at AgroCentreLiski dealership in Lipetsk region (village of Khlevnoe). This new product is already available on the market.

Opus is a versatile and unique cultivator which tills down to 40 cm (15 cm deeper than its legendary counterpart, the TopDown). With tines spaced at 27 cm and distributed across four axles, and with soil clearance of 80 cm, the cultivator can handle large amounts of after-harvesting residues while keeping the traction requirement moderate.

“Opus is built on a very powerful frame that provides an enormous strength-safety margin even while operating on super-heavy soils,” said Pavel Vilchinsky, Vaderstad product manager in Russia. “This machine provides excellent operation on any soil thanks to levelling discs with hydraulic adjustments and a unique set of chisels and moulds. I think this aggregate is going to become as popular among Russian farmers as TopDown and Carrier, the specs of which are being improved year by year as well.”

Carrier L and Carrier XL disc headers got larger diameters discs (up to 51 and 61 cm correspondingly) for more neat and more deep tilling and compacting of stubble. The disc header has gotten a new “weapon” in the form of the CrossCutter Knife installed in front of the discs. The knife cuts remnants of vegetation and leies at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. This measure accelerates the decomposition process.

TopDown has also gotten new, more aggressive, edge-machined TrueCut discs which stay sharp and keep excellent cutting ability regardless of the wear-out rate.

“The training turned out to be very interesting and productive,” says Stanislav Sbrodov, manager of the sales department at AgroCentreLiski. “We went into each tiny detail and feature of the new soil-tilling tools by Vaderstad and also discussed the differences between them and the corresponding counterparts supplied by the competition. I liked the new Opus machine. It can actually replace ploughs. This machine is ideal for our soils. I am sure it will put down root on our farms.”