Addition to the Challenger family

AGCO presents the Challenger RoGator 700, a new series of self-propelled sprinklers which replaces the famous SpraCoupe.

The new RoGator 700 with a rod length of 24.4 m or 27.4 m is equipped with the economical engine AGCO POWER (175 hp) and the stepless HydroStar transmission. It automatically chooses the optimum speed and fuel consumption while operating in different areas of the field. An innovative independent pneumatic suspension system provides smooth running and minimum transfer of movement to the suspension rod, thus, operating speed is increased and performance of the sprinkler is enhanced.

“The RoGator 700 is one of the most cost effective models. It consumes a mere 0.5 litre per hectare,” said Aleksandr Usov, senior manager of the sales department of Kursk branch at AgroCentreLiski. “All the machines have a precise sprinkling system which, along with the NORAC system and automatic section de-activation, provides smooth distribution of fluid, without gaps and overlaps.”