Tractor battle

AgroCentreZakharovo has staged a real tractor battle on the fields of the Kurganovsky LLC, Penza oblast. The prime movers of the world’s leading manufacturers competed to see which could prepare the soil for spring seeding faster, better and more economically.   

Tractors of two weight categories, 300 hp and 340 hp, took part in the competition. The first to come on the battle field were Massey Ferguson 8690 (340 hp) and Challenger MT685D (340 hp) tractors coupled to a five metre disc harrow. Having fully refuelled, the combatants charged into battle. Moving at a speed of 9 km/h, Challenger tilled down to 20 cm. Its fuel consumption was 13.03 l/ha. Massey Ferguson worked a little slower, at 8 km/h, with diesel fuel consumption of 14.05 litres per hectare, tilling down to 21 cm. The referees noted that both tractors moved almost neck and neck, staying in track and demonstrating excellent disking performance. In two hours the rivals each tilled 8 ha.

Other participants of the contest on the field were Fendt 933 and John Deere 8335 tractors coupled to an eight furrow plough.

The tractors did an excellent job of tilling 6 ha at equal depth – to 30cm. Fendt proved to be better at fuel saving than its competitor.

Based on the results of the competition between Massey Ferguson and Challenger, the referees declared a draw. The ploughing match was won by the Fendt tractor, which outperformed its rival in economic efficiency.  

“The Fendt tractor is superior to its rivals thanks to the unique Vario stepless transmission,” says Aleksey Porokhin, sales department senior manager, Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. “It moves over the field steadily and evenly. Once the tractor draft increases, the Vario transmission automatically revs up the engine. When passing through a difficult area, the engine independently reduces the revolutions, bringing back the normal work load. The terrain crossing capability of Fendt is like that of a tank. And its agility is superb, as well. The independent front suspension maintains tractor balance, excluding twists and distortions in work.”

Aleksey Porokhin said the Fendt tractors are very interesting to Penza farmers. For the new season, they have already placed orders for these machines.