Opus and other novel products from Vaderstad

AgroCentre has participated in the annual Kick-Off event arranged by the Swedish company Vaderstad. This is a gathering of dealers from all over the world to show off their new products due to appear in 2015.  

One of the chief new products from Vaderstad is the Opus cultivator. This is a more powerful tilling tool than its predecessor, the world famous TopDown system. It tills to a depth of 40 cm (15 cm deeper than TopDown). In early 2015, AgroCentre will start supplying Opus to Russian farm enterprises. 

The Carrier cultivator has undergone many upgrades. The product range of Carrier (disc diameter 45 cm) and XL (disc diameter 61 cm) has been supplemented with an intermediate model L (disc diameter 51 cm).

Now this tool has an X-shaped position of the discs which prevents ‘wobbling’ to the left and right. Another added function makes it possible to change the disc incidence angle. If necessary, the roller of this cultivator can be raised for tilling without compacting.

Being prepared for launch shortly “in the Russian world” is the Tempo row planter for seeding sugar beetroots and rapes. For over two years, this machine has demonstrated excellent results in sprouts of sunflower and maize on Russian farms. Vaderstad experts noted that the trials showed the machine’s capability to operate on beetroots and rapes equally well.

The 4 m model of the Rapid RD drill also has undergone modifications. Its mechanical drive of the seeding spools has been replaced by a hydraulic drive, which simplifies adjustment. Some changes were also made in the drill design.

The chief smart technology novelty was E-control, an application for iPad.

A user-friendly interface with icons on the screen simplifies drill control. The iPad is mounted in a Vaderstad-developed special holder fitted with 8 buttons for convenient use of the most popular functions. These buttons are an excellent complement to the sensor screen.

“Last year, this system replaced the standard control panel on the Tempo drills,” says Alexander Buzulukin, head of the AgroCentreLiski orders department. “This year, the iPad system has been also introduced for the Rapid machines. The E-Control makes it possible to manage all of the machine’s operations, including the change of seeding rate, process track, calibration, new data introduction and current information display, among others.”