Farm rally

A competition took place on the fields of the Agrofirma Ariant LLC, Chelyabinsk oblast. Participating in it was farming equipment including self-propelled mowers, grain combine harvesters and tractors from the best known brands. AgroCentreZakharovo also took part in this “farm rally.”

Test No. 1: self-propelled mowers

AgroCentreZakharovo was represented by the Challenger WR 9740 mower (engine power 139 hp, reaper width 9 m).

Its rivals were two self-propelled mowers of famous foreign brands and a Russian-built machine. Unfortunately, the Russian mower came off track because of a spring failure. 

Based on the competition results, Challenger WR 9740 took the second place in productivity (13.05 ha/h). However, it won in fuel efficiency (1.48 l/ha).

Test No. 2: grain combine harvesters

AgroCentreZakharovo sent into battle its Massey Ferguson Activa 7347 grain combine harvester (engine power 281 hp). Its rivals (3 foreign and 1 domestic machines) were fitted with more powerful engines (306, 387 and 300 hp). This didn’t prevent Activa 7347 from winning second place in productivity (with allowance for grain discharge time) – 8.42 ha/h. Also, Activa 7347 won “silver” in terms of grain loss on the field (28.67 kg/ha). However, it was above all in economy, demonstrating 3.06 l/ha versus 4.32, 4.46, and 3.4.

Test No. 3: tractors

The four tractors that participated in the farm rally were of different grip width and weight, which is why it is difficult to say which machine showed the best results. In addition, the Russian-built tractor belonged to a higher power category. 

Nevertheless, summing up the results, the jury pointed out the untreated areas left by both the two foreign machines and the Russian one. The couple from AgroCentre (Challenger MT 685 D and Sunflower 1435-29) got no criticism. On the contrary, they won acclaim for high quality and regularity of soil treatment.

Soil treated by Challenger MT 685D tractor fitted with Sunflower 1435 29 disc harrow


Maxim Lukin, Chief Agronomist of Agrofirma Ariant LLC:
“Everything in life is just a mix of several parts and aspects. The same is true of farm machines. No machine is ideal in all parameters. We’ve seen this ourselves today. The tractor productivity may be high, but it comes at the expense of high fuel consumption. Or a combine is fuel efficient, but what is gained is fuel is lost in grain left on the field. Wisdom, both human and agronomical, is choosing the right option that integrates all the advantages. Today we have assured ourselves that the AgroCentreZakharovo equipment is a lucky blend of assets proved on the field.”