Unchallengeable hit of the seeding

Reliability, versatility and simplicity in operation, such are the advantages of the Challenger 9800 Single Disc seeder that explain why farmers prefer it to others. Each farmer believes that this machine will become an unchallengeable hit of the new seeding season.

Single Disc seeders are suited to soil treatment using any type of technology, be it zero, minimum or traditional. The special feature of this pneumatic seeder is the employment of a patented technology of opposed single discs that mix the soil between two 15 cm rows. The soil loosened by opposed discs is moved back to the roll-on wheel which levels and compacts the furrow soil. Such soil removal prevents compression of the side wall and keeps the furrow from cluttering with stubble, all of which promotes sprouting well. 

“The Challenger pneumatic seeders are convenient in operation,” notes Alexander Usov, sales manager of the Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski LLC. “The operator doesn’t have to leave the cabin to change the operating mode since he can control the discs by the onboard computer, not manually as on most other similar machines.”

Seed and fertiliser introduction are also computerised. The Challenger 9800 basic model has sensors for monitoring the batcher shaft operation, bin filling level, batcher fouling, machine movement speed and fan rotation rate. The seeding area and seed consumption counter controls the work process with a highest degree of accuracy. In addition, the seeder is adapted to the ISOBUS system which enables operation using the tractor’s onboard computer. At an operating speed of 12 km/h, the efficiency of a seeder with a grip width of 12.2 m linked to a 330 hp tractor reaches 14 to 16 ha per hour.

Pristen Grain Company of Kursk oblast, one of the permanent customers of AgroCentre, knows all about the benefits of the Challenger seeder from its own experience, not by hearsay.

“Today we use two Challenger Single Disc systems on our farm,” says the Chief Engineer Roman Shubin. “The seeder follows the terrain features very well, evenly embedding the seeds. That is why the sprouts we get look like in a picture!”

Advantages of Challenger 9800 Single Disc seeder

  • Discs are in a single line
  • Single point control of depth
  • Changing the pressure on the move
  • No springs on coulters
  • Minimum tractor power is required
  • Excellent seed embedding, even at a high speed
  • Option of introducing anhydrous ammonia between the rows
  • Easy depth control adjustment
  • Simple servicing (two press oilers on each running tandem every 25 hours)