A culture duet

Autumn in Voronezh started with the Industrial Crops Cultivation and Harvesting exhibition held in the Khokholsky district of the oblast. AgroCentreLiski introduced the guests to a “technological duet” used for sowing industrial crops.

The duet of the Massey Ferguson 8690 (340 hp) tractor and 16-row Challenger 9180 seeder riveted the guests’ attention.

The MF 8690 tractor is one of the most economical in the world. Its electronically controlled AGCO Power engine makes possible non-stop regulation of the amount and frequency of fuel injection with allowance for the engine’s revolutions and load. This not only saves fuel much better than most other tractors (on average 1 litre per hour), but also increases the machine’s power.

The Challenger 9180 drill with a between-row space of 70 cm is a fine choice for sowing maize and sunflower.

“Thanks to the cutting disc fitted before the plant-out sections, the machine operates fine using both the traditional and minimum till methods,” said Nikolai Kunitsin, AgroCentreLiski LLC sales manager. “Two independent seeder frames follow the terrain features with millimetre accuracy. It goes very well not only over uneven fields, but also on slopes and hills.”

Many guests of the exhibition appreciated the simplicity of the tractor’s and drill’s adjustment and control. They also noted the reasonable price of “the duet”.