New servicing centre for agrarian region

On 22 August, the Day of the Russian National Flag, Lipetsk Oblast Governor Oleg Korolyov opened a new servicing centre in the village of Khlevnoye, Lipetsk oblast, for sale and maintenance of AgroCentreLiski farm equipment.

On this day, one more holiday, the Village Day, was marked at Khlevnoye. Opening the new facility of AgroCentreLiski, Oleg Korolyov noted that this holiday would be incomplete without the opening of such an important agricultural establishment.

“This servicing centre demonstrates how fast our regional farming industry is developing,” said Korolyov. “I’m proud that our farmers are introducing revolutionary technologies in their business and that such a large and advanced servicing centre will operate in our oblast!”

The newly opened centre will not only sell farm equipment and service it. Its rooms and facilities will be used for seminars, demonstrations of farm equipment and training of the farmers. For this purpose, classrooms and demonstration sites have been prepared. 

Nikolai Ivanishchev, AgroCentre Director General, thanked Oleg Korolyov for the possibility of building a high-end servicing centre in one of the country’s most successful agrarian regions. Special thanks were expressed for the particularly favourable investment climate in the oblast.

“Today is a special day in life of AgroCentre,” said Nikolai Ivanishchev. “We have been moving towards this event for a year and half. And now, instead of weeds high as a man, here stands one of the largest servicing centres not only in Russia, but also Europe. Undoubtedly, it will promote progress of the region’s farming. Today at the facilities of this centre we service over 50 farms. We not only offer servicing to all farmers of the oblast, but also invite them to participate in various seminars and demonstrations.”