A compressed spring will not scare the Challenger!

Observations of recent years’ weather show that the spring comes in much of Russia very rapidly. This means the seeding job must be done as soon as possible, in two weeks at the most. AgroCentre offers good aids in the form of Challenger grain drills and cultivating seeders.

The main features of these seeders are reliability, simplicity in adjustment and operation. What also matters is the optimal price in its segment.

The Challenger 9800 pneumatic grain seeder (coverage width: 9.1; 12.2; 15.2; and 18.3 m) operates very well in no-till, minimal and traditional land treatment. Unlike most such machines, the operator does not need to leave the tractor cabin to change the operating mode since the disc pressure is adjusted not manually, but by using the on-board terminal.

The patented design of the seeder with “oppositely set discs” raises and evenly distributes the soil between two narrow furrows, 15 cm wide. Loosened by the disc, the soil goes under the roll-on wheels that embed it in a furrow, forming a seedbed. Seeding precision remains steady even in operation at a high rate. If the seeds are embedded simultaneously with fertiliser application, they are placed in the middle between the 15 cm furrows with no need of extra adjustments and changes in the seeder configuration.

A significant advantage of this series of equipment is the reduced need for “horse power” to do the work. For example, the 9.1 m coverage seeder needs a 210 to 260 hp tractor.

The Challenger 9100 series cultivating seeders are fit for work on various soils after all types of tilling. Owing to the unique transparent seeding mechanism, it is easy to set the seeding rate and prevent the penetration of double seeds in the seed duct. The seeding depth remains equal despite the soil irregularities. Uneven seeding depth is also excluded whilst the space between seeds remains the same. The patented PAM (positive air pressure) batching disc system does not damage the seeds.

Vladimir Zakablukov, technical director of Krasnoyaruzhskaya Zernovaya Kompaniya CJSC, Belgorod oblast:

“We use the Challenger 8186 sixteen-row cultivating seeder, known since this year as series 9100, on our farm for seeding maize and sunflower. The machine has covered 2,000 hectares. It is very simple to adjust and the sprouting is even on all types of soil. We also acquired from AgroCentre the Challenger 9830-40 grain seeder with an operating coverage of 12.2. m. We previously used only 9-m seeders from another fairly well-known brand. We compared it to the Challenger, whose daily seeding efficiency proved to be 25% higher. In addition, it costs an order of magnitude less. Its adjustment is simpler, too, taking up a mere 30 to 40 minutes. On our farm it has covered 5,000 hectares. Even though we adhere mostly to the classical work method, we also use this seeder after treatment by the deep tiller. In autumn, we introduced green manure, using the so-called ‘zero technology’. The soil was hard as a rock. But we coped with the job alright! No complaints about either of the two Challengers.”

Yuri Poyedalov: executive director of Agroholding Ivnyansky LLC (branch of Miratorg APKh Holding, Belgorod oblast):

“We have used the 15-m Challenger 9859-50 grain seeder on our farm for one season, and during this time it seeded around 4,000 hectares. It passed the test drive with flying colours. The machine is very reliable. Its chief forte, the large operating coverage, came in very useful for us given that our tilling area exceeds 55,000 hectares and the seeding period is short. The machine ran at the rate of 12 to 15 km/h. Its adjustment is straightforward and the design is reliable. The machine maintains a steady embedding depth on all types of soil.”