More than servicing

AgroCentreLiski completes construction of an Agricultural Equipment Sales and Servicing Centre in Khlevnoye village, Lipetsk oblast. This will become one of the largest servicing centres in Russia.

The engineering aid provided by the centre exceeds by far what is normally understood by servicing. The centre is a comprehensive agricultural facility measuring more than 4 hectares. The centre building (3,000 sq m of floor space) houses servicing workshops for simultaneous repair of five units of self-propelled equipment, a spare parts depot (500 sq m), rooms with samples of agricultural equipment and offices. Farm equipment demonstration sites are also located on the grounds. This is the facility’s work zone, next to which are 42 hectares of land for test sowing.

“We want our centres to perform impeccably not only their primary function of agricultural equipment servicing and repair,” says Sergey Lomantsov, AgroCentreLiski LLC executive director. “Along with this, the newest agricultural machines and technologies will be tested here in field conditions. We shall be able to graphically show how our equipment operates and what results it can bring.”

The servicing centre will be a good site for cooperation with prospective farming experts who will take on-the-job practical training here.

“The gap between the agricultural production and science must be closed,” notes Sergey Lomantsov. “All the conditions for this have been created.”