Nobody wants to pay more than necessary. Not even for extra quality.

The Zerno-Kombikorma-Veterinariya 2014 trading and production exhibition (a dedicated event for demonstrating grain, mixed fodder, and veterinarian equipment) presented the latest models of grain processing equipment.

At the exhibition, AgroCentreLiski presented products from GSI Corporation, a manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for drying, transportation and storage of grain. The machines are made from high quality materials. The grain storage silos are manufactured from zinc-coated 5.2 or 5.3 mm steel as opposed to the standard 4.2 mm type. The smart ventilation system maintains optimal grain humidity of 10 to 12%. These are conditions under which the biochemical processes stop. Erection of the elevator needs no deep foundation in the ground, thereby reducing the construction budget.  

“The rainy year of 2013 raised the problem of grain storage,” says Oleg Zhdanov, an expert in the grain technologies department, AgroCentreLiski. “The farmers are psychologically prepared for building their own elevators. However, nobody wishes to overpay, not even for quality. In dealing with GSI you are not paying extra for the brand or for cooked-up ‘innovations’. You pay only for excellent storage and the possibility of selling the preserved grain as a premium quality product. Around 30% of American farmers entrust their harvest only to GSI technologies. I think that in this matter we can rely on the expertise of our American colleagues.”