Bargain of the year

The Avangard-Agro agriholding has acquired a batch of twenty-five Challenger caterpillar tractors from AgroCentreLiski. This is the world’s biggest deal for the supply of caterpillar machines.

The Avangard-Agro enterprise has over 300,000 hectares of land in Orel, Belgorod, Kursk, Lipetsk and Voronezh oblasts. It is engaged in plant-growing, specifically in production of barley for beer brewing. The enterprise has been developing steadily, introducing innovative technologies all the while. Its fleet of modern agricultural equipment is quite impressive: 850 tractors, 390 combine harvesters, and over 4,000 units of trailed equipment.

“We’ve dealt with Avangard-Agro for several years now,” says Yevgeny Ankudinov, head of the Orel branch of AgroCentreLiski. “Last year, the enterprise purchased from us Challenger caterpillar tractors, Challenger 9824 24-row precision seed seeders for maize and sunflowers, RG 1300 self-propelled sprinklers of the same brand, Rapid RDA 800 РЎ seeders, and TopDown 900 cultivators from the Swedish company Vaderstad. The machines operated perfectly well.”

This year, the enterprise has made a big purchase worth a total of 600 million rubles, replenishing its fleet with twenty-five Challenger 800 caterpillar tractors. It has also increased its stock of trailed equipment, adding to it twenty 8-metre Rapid seeders, 24-row precision seeding Challenger 9824 seeders and TopDown cultivators. These will start to work on the farm in the new season. Yevgeny Ankudinov noted that in the history of farming equipment sales this is the first instance of such a large supply of caterpillar tractors and Rapid wide-coverage seeders.