To the last drop!

Over 50 years ago, Challenger presented its first agricultural sprinkler and, since then, it keeps improving this type of equipment. This season, AgroCentre is offering farmers a completely new AGCO product, the Challenger RoGator 700 sprinkler.

AGCO held a training session in the use of the new self-propelled sprinkler for sales specialists of AgroCentre in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan oblasts. 

“The RoGator 700 series model is a 2013 product in North America,” says Pavel Konkov, AGCO regional sales manager. “The machine is intended to supplement the RoGator 1100 and 1300 family, retaining all of the design-related advantages of its elder ‘brothers.’ We hope that Russian farmers will duly appreciate the new product.” 

Among its indisputable merits is the reliable, low-noise AGCO Power engine, with 4.9 l capacity, featuring an excellent fuel economy (0.5-0.7 l/ha).

The sprinkler is designed to maximally reduce the load on the machine and the operator. The combination of the pneumatic suspension and the C-shaped flexible frame ensures optimal operating speed even in hard work conditions. The sprinkling system is designed and manufactured at the highest possible level. A large 2,750 l tank makes it possible to work longer without extra fertiliser refilling. The difference in pressure between the sprayers of the extreme sections and the pump is 0.07 bars, which is 6 times less than that of rival machines.  

Precision farming capabilities like automatic deactivation of the sections, rod height maintenance, AGCOmmand telemetry and the Autoguide system increase the efficiency and speed up the return on investments.

According to Sergey Chichay, head of the Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo, farmers have long awaited such a machine.

“The machine is simple, reliable, easy to use and maintain,” says Sergey Chichay. “A highly productive sprinkler! A tool that enables farmers to introduce liquid fertilisers and treat large areas real fast, meeting the toughest deadlines.”