Discover the world of GSI

The shortage of grain storage facilities arises as an acute problem each time the harvesting turns up. Where and how to keep the harvested crop? Is it worthwhile to pay an outsider elevator or would it pay to invest in building one’s own?

Today more and more proposals are advanced for building efficient elevators for farms. Beginning this year, AgroCentre has been offering Russian farmers post-harvesting equipment from the North American company GSI.

GSI International, USA, is the world’s leader in the development and production of modern technologies and machines for grain treatment. Those include grain storage silos, driers and transport machines. GSI products have been popular with farmers for more than 40 years due to their impeccable quality, durability and high efficiency.

“AgroCentre supplies both individual ‘elements’ of grain processing equipment and, in association with its partners, packaged solutions, such as turn-key elevators,” says Sergey Sobolev, head of the grain technologies department of AgroCentreLiski LLC. “This means design, construction, equipment delivery, installation, commissioning, automating, launching and subsequent round-the-clock servicing.   

Grain driers play an important role in putting the grain into storage. GSI manufactures modern fully automatic driers of modular and tower types for treating grains, legumes and oil crops. The grain driers can run on different kinds of fuel, such as natural gas, liquid propane or diesel. The choice of tower- or modular type of dryer depends largely on the consumers’ needs and the specifics of their farms.

Well suited for small farming enterprises are modular drying and cleaning facilities with an output from 4 to 100 tonnes per hour. These are single, two- or three-module systems. In order to increase their output, they can be fitted with extra sections.”

Modular driers do not need a special foundation. They are supplied virtually assembled and are fast to put into operation. Their servicing needs dedicated transportation mechanisms, for instance, a loading and unloading conveyer, unloading batcher, etc. Effective drying is ensured by low-noise fans working at 1,725 rpm. Heat generators run at minimal fuel consumption due to their high efficiency. It is particularly profitable to dry grain on an industrial scale in tower type driers. The tower driers occupy a small area, they are fast to erect and their height varies from 30 to 40 m. The fans are fitted inside the grain column, which is why the noise level is significantly lower. The output of such towers is 100 to 300 tonnes per hour. A heat recirculation system ensures maximum fuel economy and reduces the cost of drying. Due to the absence of conveyers in loading/unloading, the tower type driers treat the grain more carefully.

“Use of the GSI drier of one kind or another enables the farmers to bring the grain moisture content down to the ideal level,” says Sergey Sobolev. “Therefore the grain obtained is of superior quality and sells at the best possible price.”