Love at first sight

Massey Ferguson has been a member of the AGCO family since 1995. Over the years, it has won the sympathy and respect of European farmers. Starting this year, AgroCentre presents this brand also on the Russian market. In this issue, AgroCentre recommends powerful, high-tech grain combine harvesters.

Massey Ferguson 7347 Activa combine harvesters present innovative technologies in grain crop harvesting. Reliable, simple in design and easy to use, the Free Flow reapers harvest all types of crops. The Schumacher drive provides a fine cut even at high speeds, assuring up to 1,200 cutting operations per minute.

Another new feature of this model is a device that synchronises the reel revolutions with the speed of the combine movement. The threshing drum width (1,600 mm) tallies with that of the feed chamber and rotor separator. This prevents resistance to vector changes in the flow of the threshed mass, thus thwarting power reduction and harvesting loss.

The drum feeder of the inclined chamber with adjusting fingers smoothly loads the thresher along all its width. High quality threshing is assured by a threshing drum with eight rasps and extra weights. The high inertial mass assures the steady and smooth speed of rotation. The grain bin (8,800 l capacity, discharge height 4.5 m, unload rate 85 l/s) assures the superior efficiency of the combine and its ability to discharge into any vehicle.

All of the Activa combines feature an automatic reaper levelling capability. This system most precisely follows the terrain profile.

The AGCO POWER six-cylinder engine (267 hp) fitted with a super-charge arrangement and electronic control system ensures the optimal operating conditions. The hydrostatic 4-step gearbox guarantees the required movement speed in different operating conditions.

The MCS rotary separator with an adjustable pre-drum gap reduces grain loss on the racks in work on wet grains and in case of intense supply.

The combine grain cleaner is manufactured to the highest standards.

“The combine-treated grain can go directly into storage without pre-conditioning,” says Sergey Chichai, head of the Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo LLC. “The high degree of separation in the pre-drum area is achieved through the different spacing between the rods, which assures high threshing quality. Nearly 80% of the combine harvester components are made from stainless steel, which is why they are far less prone to corrosion compared to rival machines.”

The six pin straw shaker with a pin amplitude of 150 mm effectively separates the free grain in straw. High efficiency sieves are used for thorough cleaning of the grain mass. A crushing distributor with notched blades regulates the degree of fineness.

The MF 7347 Activa combine reapers are designed for optimal pick-up of a wide range of crops.

Sergey Melnikov, head of the Podovinnoye Agricultural Production Co-operative

“They won my heart directly! In late autumn, we participated in harvesting maize and sunflower. Despite extremely difficult conditions, we harvested 3,000 hectares, which, by far, is not these machines’ limit! They are so powerful, reliable and efficient! I now understand why they are so popular in Europe. We didn’t doubt our choice for one minute. We bought at once from AgroCentreZakharovo three Massey Ferguson harvesters fitted with Geringhoff 8-row reapers. I’m sure that given the right servicing by AgroCentre, they will serve us for a long time. ”

Massey Ferguson Limited was established in 1847 by Daniel Massey in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. It was one of the world’s first manufacturers of mechanical combine harvesters. In the 1930s it put on the market its first self-propelled grain harvester.