Tempo wins gold

On Ukraine's largest fair Inter Agro won Tempo a gold medal in the category of precision planting. The prize was received by Vaderstad’s CEO in Ukraine Vitaliy Filatov. The award was presented at the exhibition in Kiev on 30th October 2013.

Tempo is a popular precision planter in Ukraine and during 2013 Vaderstad has delivered about 40 Tempo planters to the country, says Vitaliy Filatov.

24-hrs race resulted in much publicity

During 2013 has Väderstad gained much media attention in Ukraine thanks to 24-hrs race, which took place in April. The 24-hrs race was carried out with a Tempo F8.

- 212 hectares of corn was planted at an average speed of 18 km per hour. The emergence and harvest proved to be exceptional in spite of the high speed, said Vitaliy Filatov.

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