Vaderstad triumphs

The Rapid A600C seeder, manufactured by Vaderstad, got a gold medal in the “Best seeding and planting machine” category. The awards ceremony of the Best Farming Machine 2013 contest took place at the Zolotaya Osen 2013 exhibition.

The Association of Agricultural Equipment and Technologies Testers (AAETT) and the Krestyanskie Vedomosti media group independently polled Russian farmers to see which brand of farm machinery was considered best in 2013. The poll participants ranked the machines in terms of functionality, reliability, serviceability and cost. Seven hundred and seventy-two contenders competed for “the best in class” title in nine categories. The developers of agricultural equipment pointed out that it was a very fair and objective contest.  

The farmers generally agreed that out of 105 seeding machines the best seeder was the Rapid A600C. The contest organisers called attention to the fact that farmers have become markedly more concerned with seeding quality.

“We’re very pleased that Russian farmers expressed such strong approval of the Rapid seeder,” said Anatoly Khan, Director General of Vaderstad in Russia. “This award encourages us to further upgrade the farming equipment and improve our company.”   

The first Rapid seeder was built in 1991. Since then more than 22,000 machines came on the fields all over the world. In Russia, the Rapid is becoming increasingly popular every year. All the models of the Rapid seeder are assembled at the Vaderstad facility in Voronezh oblast.