Einbock innovations

Einbock company presents four innovations for mechanical weeding control and grassland care on Agritechnica 2013, international agricultural machinery trade fair.

New agricultural device PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO 12m (6 tine-rows with 8 or 10 mm tines, line spacing: 2.5 cm) is perfectly suited for pasture and grassland cultivation as well as for reseeding and distribution of undersown crops.

Further innovations concern mechanical weeding control.
The new rotary hoe ROTARYSTAR vents soil and crumbles crusts. The shallow rooted weeds have no chance through the rotating working tools (rotary stars with tines). The stars are distributed between 1.5 m sections on pivoting frame. Hydraulic adjustable parallelogram ensures a constant pressure on sections which cares for perfect ground leveling.

AEROSTAR-EXACT machine is a new generation spiked chain harrow which acts as guarantor of high-precision operation. The weeder has pivoting rear wheels for a precise depth control of the tines. The 600 mm long and 7 mm thick cranked tines (line spacing: 25 mm) perfectly adapts to unevenness of the ground due to its flexibility and hydraulic tines adjustment. They allow the weeding even in a later stage of development of the crop, without hurting them.

The new camera steering system called ROW-GUARD is responsible for automatic guidance between the rows and helps to avoid early fatigue of the tractor driver. This steering system is simply done by an operation terminal from the tractor cab. The advantages speak for themselves: increased working accuracy, completely tillage in conjunction with a fingerweeder and efficient weed control; not to mention immense improvement of labor efficiency due to raised working speed.