AgroCentre's best sellers

For the residents of Belgorod, the BelgorodAgro agroindustrial exhibition is a school of advanced expertise with an active exchange of information about modern equipment and demonstrations combined with investigation into the latest innovative developments in farm production. For exhibition guests AgroCentre is offering a lecture on the most popular models of agricultural equipment in the region.

Stanislav Aleinik, head of the oblast department of agriculture and deputy chairman of the local administration, noted that the use of innovative technologies in farming yields good results. The Belgorod region is among the country’s leading producers of poultry and pork. The farms’ engineering modernisation largely contributes to this.

AgroCentre’s bestseller is the Challenger 685D (370 hp) wheeled tractor. According to Pavel Chumakov, sales manager of the AgroCentreLiski Belgorod branch, this is the most popular model in Russia. The machine is fitted with the Vario stepless gearbox, which facilitates work at all speeds. Over 30 such tractors currently operate in the region. It is worth noting that the 685D model has been assembled in Russia for the second year in succession.

For poultry farmers, AgroCentre came up with a dedicated JCB 527-58 loader. This offers all the capabilities for maximum efficiency, such as 2-m forks for cage removal, a large grain and fowl food loading/unloading bucket, blue lights and mirror heating systems. The compactness (2 m high, 2 m wide) enables the loader to move within a restricted area. This model became particularly popular with specialists of the Muromsky pedigree animal farm. Even though it has been in service there only since last spring, it has picked up over 3,000 hours of operating time.