New Tempo T places fertiliser when planting

In 2012 Vaderstad launched Tempo T as a seed-only version. Now we present Tempo T with fertiliser. The machine is designed for precision drilling of maize, sorghum, soya and sunflower.

Tempo T with combi has 6-7 rows. The row spacing for 6 rows is: 60, 65, 70, 75, 76.2, 80 cm and for 7 rows 50, 55 and 60 cm. The machine is equipped with two medium-size fertiliser hoppers, holding 300+300 litres. An extension can be added to the hopper so that it can hold a total of 1,300 litres. The fertiliser is transported by an air stream to the fertiliser coulters, which are positioned 5 cm to the side of the seed row.

Tempo T with combi is equipped with row control. This means that it is possible to control each row and stop seed, microgranulate and fertiliser at the same time. 
Tempo T with combi can be equipped with three different types of electronics:

1. Control-Station, a robust solution used on most Vaderstad seed drills

2. Isobus, where the seed drill is controlled by a Virtual Terminal on the tractor

3. Vaderstad E-Services application downloaded to an iPad, where communication with the seed drill takes place through WIFI

The Tempo technology and concept is designed to achieve exceptional precision at high speed when drilling maize and sunflower.

Vaderstad Tempo with combi is available from early 2014.