An ideal couple

AgroCentreLiski successfully operates in many regions of the Central Black Earth Zone. At the seminar with demonstration of modern technologies held in Povorinsky district, Voronezh oblast, the company came up with one of the AGCO (US) flagship products, the Challenger РњРў685D wheeled tractor linked with the Sunflower CH1435-26 disc harrow.

Voronezh farmers immediately baptised this duet “the ideal couple.”

“The tractor is powered by a very efficient engine, AGCO POWER™,’ says Yuri Shentsev, Sales Manager of AgroCentreLiski. Thanks to the excellent quality of assembly and high strength of construction, these tractors do their job day in, day out, without an hour of idle time.

The farmers were particularly impressed to see how a single push of the button on the gearbox lever activates the One-Touch system (automatic system of turn-around strip), which, by using the ISOBUS net, retains in its memory and then reproduces a sequence of repeat operations.

Many duly appreciated the Sunflower heavy disc harrow. The machine can employ both traditional and “minimum till” method. According to Yuri Shentsev, the harrows have become heavier, which improves the tool’s penetration and increases its wear resistance.