What comes tomorrow?

On the eve of the Agritechnica 2013 exhibition, the Kverneland Group arranged an exclusive demonstration of new products for its dealers at its plant in Soest, Germany.  AgroCentre also paid a visit to its partner in order to learn what awaits our farmers shortly.

Over recent years, the Kverneland Group has made a number of major investments in its enterprises, partially in automating production and build-up of manufacturing facilities.

A state-of-the-art paint shop with a floor area of 5,000 sq m and a new research and development office were officially opened at the Soest plant, the manufacturer of grain processing and cultivating seeders.

“By investing in the plant, we modernised paint and varnish facilities as well as assembly lines,” says Ingwald Leining, Kverneland Group president. “Thus, we’ve made an important step in our progress.”

As new products go, the company presented an upgraded Optima seeder with a hydraulically variable row width, the U-drill grain seeder, the Kultistrip cultivator and a new 5095M mower. Also on display were the PW ploughs, well known to Russian farmers.

The top management of the Kverneland Group believes that precision farming will play a key role in efficient and stable agricultural production, which is why they are actively working in this area.

Much attention was paid to the iM FARMING concept in equipment and ISOBUS electronic solutions. These new developments make it possible to differentially introduce fertilisers and chemicals by distributors and sprinklers. Each portion of the field gets a pre-calculated amount of the required compounds.  

Controlling a machine by GPS navigation ensures precise and swift fertiliser introduction even at high speed. All this increases the harvest and enhances the efficiency of field work.

“Farming is a rapidly growing business,” says Nikolay Bashkirov, head of the customer orders department at AgroCentreZakharovo LLC. “Without modern technologies, success is virtually unthinkable. This event has proved again that Kverneland does not stop at what it has achieved. The company keeps improving its products, offering unique developments and exclusive engineering decisions.”

Soon the Kverneland Group plans to open another new workshop (6,000 sq m) for assembling precision seeders.