With kindly words

The Chelyabinsk branch of  AgroCentreZakharovo took part in Agro 2013, the fourth agro-industrial exhibition, where it demonstrated to the farmers some samples of the world’s most advanced equipment from such producers as AGCO, JCB, Vaderstad, and Kverneland whose products are particularly popular in the Urals Federal District.


Sergey Chichay, head of the Chelyabinsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo, noted that this year farmers turned their attention to the Challenger caterpillar tractors. Attesting to this are the growing sales of these machines this year. The caterpillar tractors do not stall and compact the soil less than their wheeled counterparts. This enables them to do the field work earlier in the year. At similar engine power, the caterpillar tractors develop greater thrust than their wheeled counterparts, and so they can be fitted with heavier add-on equipment.

JCB loaders, indispensable on any farm, are widely used in the Chelyabinsk Oblast. Fast and manoeuvrable, they easily perform all loading and unloading functions. This year, Chelyabinsk farmers have acquired 12 such loaders.

The AgroCentreZakharovo demonstration stand became not only a showcase of the latest equipment, but also a meeting place for partners and friends.

Sergey Melnikov, director of the SPK Podovinnoye agricultural production cooperative, is pleased to cooperate with AgroCentre.

“The equipment supplied by the company features superior quality, outstanding mobility and excellent productivity,” he says. 

The AAgro potato production enterprise has cooperated with the company for the second year.

“We’re content with the equipment quality,” says Yevgeny Miroshnichenko, head of the company. “Its servicing is great. The employees’ responsible attitude to their job has won us over.”

AgroCentreZakharovo does its best to live up to the partners’ kindly words and unswerving trust, coming up with good work and advantageous proposals. For its customers, it always offers flexible discount options, attractive offers and advantageous terms of equipment purchase. In addition, this year it has become simpler to acquire the equipment since in purchasing imported hardware on credit the refinancing rate is refunded.