Rapid 300-400S/C gets a facelift


Rapid RD 300-400 S/C has been given a facelift. This includes new tyres with greater lifespan and System Disc Aggressive.

The new tyres have 50 percent longer lifespan. This together with greater contact area means less downtime and leaves a better structure in the soil surface.

“What is unique with the new tyres is the new pattern design, with higher lugs and a new high-performance tread compound. The tyre also has a tubeless construction”, explained Fredrik Lundén”, Director of sales at Väderstad. “The new pattern gives the tyre better self-cleaning capacity and has a lower impact on the structure of the surface soil. The high-performance tread compound together with the new pattern gives better durability”.

As an option for customers drilling in extreme conditions (flinty soil or sunflower stubble), Rapid RD 300-400S/C can be ordered with reinforced tyres called AramidPro, which have two extra layers of aramid cord. These AramidPro tyres reduce the down-time resulting from punctures.

Rapid 300-400 S/C with System Disc Aggressive.

The difference between the previous System Disc and System Disc Aggressive is the larger conical discs (450 mm compared with 410 mm), which are set at a greater angle. This gives much better capacity to mix in trash and crop residues. They also allow greater cut-out, increasing the scope for direct drilling.

The new tyres and System Disc Aggressive is available from January 2014.