If the WTO did not exist, it would need to be invented!

The question: “How to work efficiently under the WTO conditions?” was the main topic at the Field Day held in Tyumen region.

The Field Day took place on the premises of Yasen-Agro, LLC, one of the largest agricultural enterprises in Tyumen region. Operating in this company are 15 units of machinery bought from AgroCentre – all the machines were demonstrated at the field fair.

After surveying the AgroCentre exposition, Vladimir Cheymetov, Head of agro-industrial complex department, pointed out that it is one of the most remarkable exhibition areas for state-of-the-art agricultural production. He thanked the farmers for their interest in the exhibition and their strive for technical re-equipment.

“The Field Day has gathered over four hundred guests - a figure that attests to agricultural producers’ genuine interest in modernization of production.  ?  Vladimir Cheymetov said.  ?  Russia’s entry into the WTO is not the only reason for that. The internal necessity of change in the agro-industrial complex shaped a long time ago. Therefore, if the WTO did not exist, it would need to be invented!”

AgroCentre company showed the Vaderstad tillage and seeding machinery, which had gone through the trial runs in Yasen-Agro company, in operation. Pyotr Tabanakov, Director of the enterprise, presented the machines and shared his impressions with the colleagues:

“Top Down is the one and only cultivator capable of performing five operations in a single pass. It eliminates the need to use several machines. Also it saves fuel and avoids soil compaction. The Vaderstad Rapid seeder is a real “Schumacher” in its class, and with sniper precision of drilling. As we increased the ground speed to 15 km/h, it didn’t reduce the seed placement quality in the least”.

The field fair presented the new Tempo row crop seed drill with pressurized seed meter.

The cattle breeding industry of Tyumen region goes through a period of rapid growth. The agricultural producers paid particular attention to the Challenger fodder preparation chain. The self-propelled windrower WR 9740 passed across the field. Guests made a point of the high working speed, up to 20 km/h. It is very important because the preparation of the high nutrient fodder should be finished within a tight schedule of 20 days. The windrower was followed by the Challenger CHR 1603 rakes. Then the latter gave way to Challenger LB34B baler with a working width of 2.26 m. Its low-profile pick-up is a perfect match to a wide swath. While the farmers were watching the JCB 531-70 loader and the Challenger MT 765C (355 h/p) caterpillar tractor drive by, the Challenger baler produced a solid, high-density bale which is easy to handle and store. Proven by Yasen-Agro.

At the end of the Field day, the guests underlined that many hi-tech machines, a must-have for rapid development, were represented at the exhibition. It feels like the agricultural industry has finally stepped out of the shade of the past ages.