Swedish quality proves itself

Today, the hero of our publication is the Carrier stubble cultivator from the Vaderstad Company. Our partners shared their opinions on how this machine looked in operation.

Dmitry Mosolov, adjuster of imported equipment with SelkhozInvest LLC (LivnyInterTechnology LLC, Orel oblast). The agro-holding engages in crop production and stockbreeding.

“We were the very first in the oblast to buy the Carrier six-metre cultivator. This is a multiple use machine which can simultaneously disc, level out and pack the soil. These are its attractive fortes. In a single passage, it fully prepares the soil for taking in the grain. The treatment depth is 5 to 7 cm. We used it in the wake of harvesters over the freshly mown stubble. The treatment quality is suitable to the needs. The cultivator finely crushes, distributes the straw and mixes it with the soil, creating good conditions for sprouting of windfalls and weeds. The Carrier aft roller does an excellent job compacting the soil so as to retain its moisture. In a day, it treats around 50 ha. It travels over the field at a speed of 12-15 km per hour. After the cultivator passes, the field looks even and fine. The quality assured by the Carrier fully meets the renowned Swedish work standards. In three years of operation, we've replaced only one ball bearing. This year we're going to buy another Carrier.”

Igor Pshenichnikov, chief engineer of the Sapphire farming enterprise, Kursk oblast. The principal business lines are crop production and stock breeding.  

“The Carrier cultivator is not a new item in our inventory. We acquired it this year. Despite the brief time, it has shown itself to advantage in pre-sowing soil treatment. Compared to its counterparts, the Carrier crushes the soil more intensely and prepares it better for ploughing. This is achieved due to the conic notched discs which aggressively cut the soil and introduce crop residues to a depth of 9 cm. The average speed is 9 to 10 km/h.”

Eduard Mitrokhin, head of the Mitrokhin farming enterprise, Orel oblast. The farm specialises in the production of soybeans, buckwheat, wheat and oats.

“The Carrier is working on our farm for the first season. It treats 100 ha per shift. At the moment, it's done 1,000 ha. It operates without loss of time, treating the soil for sowing and doing the primary stubble embedding. It does a great job levelling out and compacting the soil. We'll also use it on the fallow land.”