The Eiffel Tower, St Peter's Cathedral and a tractor plant!

One of the best known sights in Beauvais, France­ is St Peter's Cathedral. However, the customers of AgroCentre discovered one more place of interest there! 

This one proved to be just as interesting! Our farmers visited AGCO's state-of-the-art tractor plant, which produces a wide range of wheeled tractors with a capacity of 65 to 280 hp.

The manufacturing facility, measuring 40 ha, looks rather like a town. It sends out into the world a variety of AGCO tractor models, including the Challenger. On average, the plant releases 85 machines per day. Each one is assembled for a particular customer or dealer.

“Our farmers watched production of the MT 500 and MT 600 series tractors,” says Nikolai Kunitsin, AgroCentreLiski sales department manager. “These models are in high demand. The MT 600 is a versatile machine; it works almost with all tools and in all operations.  The MT 500 proved to be a fine machine for fodder making.”

The guests visited the tractor assembly, painting and diagnosis lines. Possibly, on that day, some Challenger tractors were being assembled for AgroCentre as well.

“What impresses you in the first place is the size of the plant,” says Andrey Palachev, deputy director general of Muchkap-Niva LLC. “Another pleasing factor is the high level of automation and multiple-stage quality control. After this trip, you come to realize that in France there are some other things to see besides the Eiffel Tower and St Peter's Cathedral. Thus, our farmers have discovered another place of interest for themselves, the tractor plant in Beauvais.”